Feed safe and marketable

From the quality of the raw materials to the finished feed, we support your production with extensive laboratory services. Our experts will work with you to put together the right analysis package for the quality assurance of your products.

Animal feed for pets under the microscope

Pets include all animals which are not bred for food, in other words, classic pets such as cats or dogs, as well as animals belonging to zoos, circuses or laboratories. Also relevant to the pet food sector are numerous legal requirements of product safety and quality, which need to be met in order that pet owners are not disappointed and so that pets remain in good health.

Our services in this area specifically include

  • An analysis of product composition based on client requirements, e.g. with regard to additives, vitamins, minerals, contaminants, including an evaluation of the results
  • Microbiological tests and evaluation of results
  • Marketability check of pet foods
  • Assessment of product labelling
  • Sensory tests.

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