Using consumer goods safely

For your product safety and the health of your customers, we offer a comprehensive range of analyzes and advice on all aspects of consumer goods. This is how you protect your products from the migration of undesired substances.

Food contact material

Food contact materials are objects and materials which are designed to come into contact with food, for example, ladles, production conveyor belts, or packaging material made from plastic, paper, or composite materials. Key criteria for product safety includes migration of chemical constituents into foodstuffs in quantities which do not pose a health hazard. In some cases there are migration limits which may not be exceeded. In other cases, adherence to benchmarks guarantees that the health of consumers is protected.

Our services in this area specifically include the following test and evaluation parameters:

  • Mineral oil content of papers and cardboard/Migration of mineral oils into foodstuffs
  • Migration of plasticisers, especially phthalates, from packaging materials
  • General and specific migration from plastic objects that come into contact with food
  • Barrier tests on packaging materials
  • Identification of plastics
  • Microbiological status of food contact materials
  • Sensory properties of food contact materials coming into contact with foodstuffs, as well as test foodstuffs after contact under defined conditions
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