Use consumer goods safely

For your product safety and the health of your customers, we offer a comprehensive range of analysis and consulting services for consumer goods. In this way, you protect your products from the migration of undesirable ingredients and parameters.

Food contact materials

Food contact materials and articles are objects and materials that are intended to come into contact with food. These can be knives or conveyor belts in production, as well as packaging materials made of plastic, paper or composite materials.

An essential criterion for product safety is that ingredients or particles of the contact materials do not migrate into the food, or at most in quantities that are not harmful to health (migration). Legally defined limits and orientation values for consumer health protection must be observed. We have analytical approaches to determine different sources of contamination with their typical parameters.

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Analaytics areas

  • Plastic identification and migration
    • Identification of the plastic type by means of FTIR
    • Total and specific migration from plastics and packaging made of paper and cardboard or other materials
    • Barrier testing of packaging materials
  • MOSH/MOAH Analytics
    • Migration of mineral oils from packaging materials such as paper and cardboard into food or feedstuffs
  • Plasticizer
  • Microbiological testing
  • Sensory analytics
    • Sensory testing, of consumer goods as well as test foodstuffs after contact with consumer goods under defined conditions

Working Groups

  • Lebensmittelchemische Gesellschaft (LChG)
    • Foodstuff laboratories
  • DIN Arbeitsgruppen 
    • Plastic utensils in contact with foodstuffs – Examining the migration from plastics
  • Analysis committee of the BfR Committee for Utensils


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