Packaging - thought from development to recycling

The development of new packaging materials opens up a wide range of issues. Our international competence team accompanies you from product development to biodegradability issues with consulting and analyses.

Whether plastic, cardboard or paper we are experts for your packaging.

Materials that come into contact with food must not contaminate it through migration of volatile or non-volatile substances. Health and safety requirements of key importance are:

  • EC Regulation 1935/2004, general provisions for food contact materials.
  • EC Regulation 2023/2006, regulation on good manufacturing practice

The basic principle of the legislation is to set limits so that materials produced according to good manufacturing practices are sufficiently inert to reduce the transfer of substances to food in a way that:

  • human health is not endangered
  • no unacceptable change in food composition occurs
  • the organoleptic properties of the food are not altered.

With our analytical portfolio we accompany the life cycle of packaging. We examine packaging materials for their properties, we clarify different migration parameters and analyze the biodegradability of the packaging. With our Expert Services we also accompany you from product development to questions of compliance and labeling.

Service packages

  • Physical evaluation of product performance
    • Tests to evaluate resistance, texture and performance.
    • Evaluation of physical-mechanical properties of materials such as plastic films, paper(link product flyer-packaging cardboard/paper), textiles, nonwovens and gloves
    • Use of standard methods as well as internally developed methods specifically tailored to customer requirements.
  • Global and specific migration testing
    • Total migrations and specific migration from food contact materials
    •  Extraction or migration of mineral oil hydrocarbon contents from food contact materials
    •  Migration of plasticizers, especially phthalates, from packaging materials
  • Detection of volatile substances
    • Sensory testing of consumer goods as well as of test foods after contact under defined conditions
    • Testing of organoleptic food properties after packaging (panel tests)
    • Analysis by detection and quantification of volatile substances by instrumental analysis (GC/MS)
  • Set-off screening and analysis
    • Transfer by direct contact (SetOff), from packaging components into the foodstuff.
    • Screening methods for the detection of volatile, semi-volatile and non-volatile impurities
  • NIAS characterisation
  • Biodegradability analysis
    • Accredited testing according to ISO 14855, determination of the complete aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials under conditions of controlled composting
  • Expert-Services
    • Support for your development of packaging concepts
    • Advice on legal and technical issues
    • Risk assessments
    • Evaluation of declarations of conformity in relation to packaging materials
    • Preparation of analysis plans in close coordination with the customer


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