Our expertise in food analysis

From elements to nutritional values, additives, vitamins and contaminants, we enable the comprehensive analysis of your food with over 5000 test methods.

From A for anchovy to Z for zucchini

Food must be safe, otherwise it cannot be sold. Exceptional product quality and clear labelling is crucial to the market success of food. A variety of national and EU-wide legal standards cover food safety and labelling requirements. For some food, certain dairy products, fruit juices, and preserves for example, the recipe requirements have an impact on product quality. In addition, the generally accepted standards create market-related quality benchmarks which are described in the guidelines of the German Food Code and elsewhere.

We help you to apply a whole series of legally binding and non-binding standards to your product. Our services in this area specifically include

  • Analysis of food or raw materials based on client requirements, e.g. with regard to allergens, nutritional value, additives, vitamins, minerals, contaminants, and residues, including an evaluation of the results
  • Microbiological tests and evaluation of results
  • Marketability check of foodstuffs
  • Testing, assessment, and creation of product labelling
  • Sensory tests
  • Support for allergen and hygiene management
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