Highest product safety for the sustainable trust ...

...of your customers requires test plans and analyses along the entire value chain. Minimising risks begins with the raw materials and extends to the packaging.

Product safety and quality control

Infants and young children are highly sensitive consumers in need of protection. Infant and baby food must have a nutritional profile tailored to their special dietary needs. Requirements regarding contamination or residues are also stricter here than in other food sectors. We support you with highly sensitive analysis methods.

In order to meet the high requirements, quality assurance focuses on the entire production chain, from raw materials to packaging. All steps in the value chain must be traceable. We also have in-house experts to check the declaration of your products in accordance with the "EU Regulation on Food for Special Consumer Groups", the national dietary regulation, infant formula and follow-on formula as well as complementary food. We are your laboratory partner, regardless of whether you follow conventional nutritional concepts, use organically grown raw materials or place a special focus on packaging.

You can also find an overview of our services in our themed flyer "Baby food".

Service packages

  • Labelling and nutritional values
    • Complete package nutrient analysis
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Multi-methods for fat- and water-soluble vitamins and minerals
    • Labelling expertise for national and international labelling
  • Important additional analyses
    • 3-MCPD
    • heavy metals
    • Mineral oil, MOSH/MOAH
    • Acrylamides
    • Plasticisers
    • Plant protection products
    • Microbiological tests
    • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, tropane alkaloids
  • Food Science Center
    • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, tropane alkaloids
    • Step-by-step plan to minimise contamination along the value chain
  • Production processes
    • Process validation
    • Concepts for optimising production processes


including infant formula milk and follow-on milk, processed cereal-based foods and other complementary foods, teas and juices

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