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Since November 6th, 2020 the time has come, the Nutri-Score label is now also legally applicable in Germany. Germany thus joins a group of now 8 European countries that follow France's voluntary food labeling system.

What is a Nutri Score?

The Nutri-Score is a voluntary additional product labeling of foods and especially finished products. As an evaluative nutritional model, clearly visible on the front packaging, it supplements the information in the nutritional table with an intuitive declaration. The aim is to enable the consumer to see the nutritional composition of ready meals at a glance and to compare products within a product category in terms of nutritional physiology. The Nutri-Score is designed to help consumers shop for healthier and more balanced foods. This should make the nutritional properties of the nutrients it contains transparent. The idea behind this is to fight against non-communicable civilization diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases is announced.

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The Nutri-Score was developed by independent scientists based on current eating habits and nutritional knowledge. It is to be understood as an evaluative model that is to be dynamically adapted and continuously developed in the future. The system, which has been in use in France since 2017, was tested in Germany by the Max Rubner Institute and found to be valid.


What does it bring for manufacturers and retailers?

Legal security - Image gain - Innovation - Consumer information

Manufacturers of food can communicate their Nutri-Scores easily and legally using the packaging design. You benefit from the trend of increasing nutritional awareness and the positive perception of the Nutri-Score by consumers. In a survey carried out by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 90% of those questioned qualified the Nutri-Score designation as striking and 87% as quickly ascertainable. With the new label, manufacturers also have the opportunity to make their innovation activities related to nutritional research and development transparent and to communicate formulations of recipes with the trust bonus of the Nutri-Score label. Retailers can also actively use the positive effect of the Nutri-Score labeling as consumer information. This applies to both private label trading and in the case of co-packing. Likewise, if the food producers have been informed in advance, retailers can analyze their products and then attach the labels to the sales shelves.

In which countries can the Nutri-Score be used?

The European market is still fragmented in parts. A government recommendation for the use of the Nutri-Score already exists in 8 European countries. Here the imprint of the label on the front packaging is legally secure. Countries in Scandinavia or Ireland have in part developed their own nutritional labels, but show evidence of government acceptance of the Nutri-Score. According to Regulation (EU) 2019/515, Article 3 (1), the principle of mutual recognition of goods that have been lawfully placed on the market in another member state also applies within the EU. However, one should check the legal situation in all EU countries carefully in order not to risk warnings from competition law.

How can I register for the Nutri-Score labeling?

Registration for the use of the Nutri-Score label is free and can be easily done by the respective company via the Internet platform of the French Ministry of Health. For this purpose, the known details of the nutritional profile and the list of ingredients per 100g of product are used. Processed solid or liquid foods can be registered. There are special rules for the calculation, e.g. of cheese, mono-products made from oil, butter or fat and beverages. Cherry-picking is expressly prohibited for the Nutri-Score labeling. This means that with the registration, all products of a brand must be marked with the Nutri-Score, not just individual, positively rated products.

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