Well connected within the industry

Involvement in industry committees and working groups is important to us, as it supports quality assurance of our own range of services and promotes general scientific discussion.

Working groups

  • Involvement in expert groups “Professional chemists and owners of independent laboratories”, “Analytical Chemistry” and Water Chemists’’ Society” of the GDCh
  • Active membership of the LChG’s working groups “Foodstuff laboratories”, “Animal feed”, “Meat products”, “Pesticides”, “Biochemical and molecular biological analysis”, “Utensils” and “Elements and elemental species”, and “Milk and dairy products”
  • Active membership of the DIN working groups: “Vitamins and carotenoids” and “Fats and fat-soluble substances”, as well as “Nitrates”, “Plastic utensils in contact with foodstuffs – Examining the migration from plastics”, “Process contaminants” and “Elements”
  • Active membership of the working groups in Section 64 LFGB “Vitamins”, “Nitrate/Nitrite”, “NIR”, “Pesticides”, “Plant Toxins”, “Element Analysis”, “MCPD and Glycidyl Esters”, “Protein Analysis through Mass Spectroscopy”, "Mineral Water - Microbiology", sub-group “Cosmetic”




Other memberships

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