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About us

As an independent service provider accredited under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (Reg.Nb.: D-PL-17609-01-00), the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH carries out chemical, physical, microbiological, biochemical, molecular biological and sensory tests. Over and above this, the institute offers expert accredited evaluation and assessment of food, animal feed, utensils, cosmetics as well as water and drinking water, while taking into account the relevant legal standards as well as national and international scientific standards. This area is accredited as an inspection centre (type A) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 (Reg.Nb.: D-IS-17609-01-00). The company is a point of contact for all matters in the areas of product quality, development, specifications, safety, hygiene and allergen management. In addition, trained staff perform inspections in production facilities, in the wholesale and retail sector, in catering companies and the catering trade, and check compliance with hygiene and food regulations.

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Ivonne Franck

Graduate Business Economist

+49 0 30 457 98

Unsolicited application

In our company there are always vacancies for

  • food chemist, chemist, biochemist, food technologist, ecotrophologist, chemical laboratory assistant
  • chemical laboratory assistant, CTA, BTA or similar. 

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