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Hemp / Cannabis sativa L. - a substance is experiencing its revival

Hemp, a plant that is closely linked to the development of mankind as a fiber, food or intoxicant, is currently experiencing a new revival as SuperFood.

Hemp THC Analysis

Hemp, part of the cultural history of mankind

Whether it is presented as hemp protein powder, hemp oil, hemp flour, processed in muesli bars or cold drinks. The range of foods and dietary supplements is wide. Synthetically produced cannabinoids are also becoming increasingly popular in the novel food industry. However, these products often contain highly concentrated cannabidiol (CBD). Not only specialist shops, but also internet sales people like to rely on this trend product. The European Commission is currently examining 50 food applications for approval as NovelFood. Hemp has many properties that have positive effects on human health. Hemp oil has the highest unsaturated fatty acid content among the vegetable oils. Hemp seeds contain all 8 of the essential amino acids. However, all parts of the plant except the seeds can contain cannabinoids.

But, if cannabinoid use becomes a problem?

Cannabidiol besitzt eine leicht psychoaktive Wirkung. Die wichtigste psychoaktive Verbindung ist Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Bei einer hohen Konzentration an Cannabinoiden steigt auch die Menge des regulierten THC – Anteils. In Deutschland werden Produkte, die einen THC-Gehalt von mehr als 0,2% besitzen als Betäubungsmittel eingestuft und sind somit als Lebensmittel nicht mehr verkehrsfähig.

Trust in our competence in the analysis and evaluation of THC

Our established, highly precise processes allow the proportion of regulated THC components to be reliably identified and determined. We are also in close contact with the BfArM and the BfR and have a high level of expertise in the reliable legal assessment and application of the guidelines. Contact our team for further inquiries and an offer that meets your needs.


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