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Chlorinated paraffins – The EURL has completed the first phase its study

Successful participation of Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH in the laboratory comparison study of the EURL of halogenated POPs

Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH has successfully participated in the first phase of the laboratory comparison study for the analysis of chlorinated paraffins. This study was started in 2016 and is organized by the European Union Reference Laboratory for halogenated POPs (persistent organic pollutants) at the Chemisches- und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Freiburg.

Chlorinated paraffins are industrial contaminants that are now ubiquitous and are of toxicological concern. As the data situation does not yet allow for a final assessment, EFSA strongly recommends further investigation.

In the first section of this laboratory comparison study, we performed a successful quantification of short-chain (SCCP) and medium-chain (MCCP) chlorinated paraffins in solutions.

Through the successful participation, Institut Kirchhoff Berlin contributes to the research of the analysis of these ubiquitous industrial contaminants. This guarantees a quality assured analytic of this substance group for our customers.

For further information on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our expert Dr. Susanne Kühn.

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