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Expansion of our range of services

Establishment of a new area, expansion of our range of services

Food Science Center - Expansion of our range of services

In our increasingly complex global food supply chain, it is vital for food processors to conduct thorough scientific studies to ensure the quality and safety of their products, verify the effectiveness of production processes and meet regulatory requirements.
Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH established a new department for this purpose, the "Food Science Center" (FSC), in January this year. The FSC has the task of providing innovative solutions for complex problems. Typical fields of activity are

  • analysis of food defects (off-odour, off-look, off-taste)
  • foreign body analysis,
  • process validations,
  • shelf life studies,
  • cleaning validations.

The processing of the projects ranges from the preparation of a comprehensive project offer with all basic data up to a final report with a qualified evaluation.
If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Ms. Eileen Schulz and Ms. Jeannette Schwab.


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