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Publications in 2022

Inter-laboratory Validation of an HPLC–MS/MS Method for the Detection of Microbial Transglutaminase in Meat and Meat Products

April 2022 | W. Jira, T. Behnke, J. Brockmeyer, K. Frost, E. Hiller, M. Möllers, A. Niedzwiecka, B. Pöpping, S. Uhlig, M. Weidner, S. Wittke, R. Becker | Food Anal. Methods |

Publications in 2021

Synthetic paraffin oil shows low liver and tissue retention compared to mineral oil

December 2021 | Juan-Carlos Carrillo, Hua Shen, Fayaz Momin, Olaf Kral, Holger Schnieder, Susanne Kühn, Food and Chemical Toxicology

Automated Solutions for the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH and Mycotoxins in Food

November 2021 | MIchael Koch, Vendor Webinar

Cannabinoide in neuartigen Lebensmittlen und Futtermitteln

October 2021 | Jörg Konetzki, Thomas Behnke, DLR

Cannabinoids in Food, Feed and NovelFood

August 2021 | Jörg Konetzki

Development of an improved analytical method

June 2021 | Susanne Kühn

Cleaving Ergot Alkaloids by Hydrazinolysis—A Promising Approach for a Sum Parameter Screening Method

May 2021 | Maximilian Kuner, Susanne Kühn, Hajo Haase, Klas Meyer and Matthias Koch | Beitrag | Toxins,

Publications in 2020

Raw material supply chains – process analyses on teas and herbal teas to successfully reduce mineral oil hydrocarbons and other selected contaminants

June 2020 | O. Kunder, Dr S. Kühn, Dr. E. Becker | Journal Article | Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau

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