Allergens in focus

From raw materials and ingredients to contamination and labeling. Comprehensive allergen management to protect your customers.

Allergen management

People who are allergic to or intolerant of certain foods and food substances rely on proper food labelling. It makes little difference to them whether the relevant contamination gets into food as an ingredient or whether accidental carry-over or cross-contamination (cross contacts) is involved. Manufacturers can significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination through a functioning allergen management system. These systems perform a key role in relation to meeting a manufacturer’s duty of care when it comes to food.


As an accredited inspection centre for allergen management we provide the following services:

  • Site inspections to assess physical areas and processes for possible cross contamination; preparation of an inspection report
  • Support with regard to allergen labelling, including voluntary trace labelling
  • Staff training on the subject
  • Development of test plans
  • Testing of recipes for any allergenic contamination
  • Sampling
  • Development of a strategy to prevent allergenic contamination

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