Holistic hygiene management

We are your team of experts when it comes to safety in production through microbiological analyzes, advice on food hygiene and HACCP concepts as well as their establishment in operational processes.

Hygiene management

A functioning hygiene management system is vital to maintaining food safety. According to the principle of liability at every stage which is enshrined in EU law, all food manufacturers are responsible for ensuring food safety during their process stage. EU hygiene law in this context stipulates that operational hygiene must meet a high standard. Among other steps, the establishment of a self-inspection system based on HACCP principles is absolutely essential.


As an accredited inspection centre for hygiene management we provide the following services:

  • Site inspections to check that food hygiene regulations and regulations relating to food law are adhered to; preparation of an inspection report
  • Inspection of environmental hygiene by taking specimens and swabs as well as airborne germ measurements.
  • Airborne germ measurement (also in compressed air) for bacteria content.
  • Training as part of the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG)
  • Training in questions of food hygiene and the use of HACCP principles in accordance with the requirements of EC Directive 852/2004 on food hygiene
  • Advice on food hygiene
  • Advice on creating and implementing your company’s own HACCP concept

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