Legally secure labeling

Whether it is about labeling nutritional values or allergens or labeling your products, our expertise is at your disposal.

Labeling checks

Do you want to launch a new product onto the market, extend your own brand range, or export a product? Does the package labeling comply with EU provisions as well as national and international regulations? As a manufacturer, retailer, supplier, or importer, you are responsible for ensuring that your product is legally compliant and safely marketed.

The basis of proper food, pet food, and utensil labeling is not only the application of relevant legal provisions, but also an exact label translation if you want to market your product beyond national borders either EU-wide or worldwide.

In addition, we have defined a quality standard according to which our customers can label their products with our seal of " quality controlled ".


We are your reliable partner providing expertise on all issues regarding product labeling, label translation, and marketability checks.

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