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Legal compliance

If you want to check a product’s legal compliance, you first need to know what you are looking for. Can a product made from coconut milk be described as yoghurt? What makes water into drinking water? How do food supplements differ from medicinal products? Our team in client and project management has extensive knowledge regarding product-specific requirements of composition and quality. With our many years of experience in the area of food law and related legal standards, we are your first port of call for key issues surrounding the production, composition, and labelling of foodstuffs, from raw materials to end product. We’ll also be happy to help when it comes to matters relating to cosmetics, utensils, pet food, and water, including bathing pool water and waste water.

    Our services

    • Assessment and evaluation of the composition of foodstuffs, cosmetics, utensils, pet food, and water (drinking water, bathing pool water, waste water) according to applicable national, European and international food legislation
    • Risk assessment and product safety audit
    • Consultancy services on legally compliant labelling, declaration audits
    • Advice on creating analysis plans
    • Preparation of test reports and expert reports (in German and English)
    • Examination of marketability and creation of marketability attestations and certificates
    • Examination and assessment of cross checks pursuant to Section 43 LFGB

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