A reliable test finding first requires professional sampling We are always on hand to provide reliable expert advice on all matters of sample planning and sampling.

Sampling of food and consumer products

Samples must be representative so that their analysis can provide useful information regarding safety or quality of a defined product batch. In view of the vast range of food types, this can sometimes be a challenge as product characteristics are extremely diverse. Similar challenges lie in sampling pet food, food utensils, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and in operational hygiene management.

We are your expert point of contact for all questions regarding sample planning and sampling in these areas. Our services include:

  • General advice on sampling and creating sampling plans depending on product characteristics and test objective
  • Sampling fruit and vegetables to analyse pesticide residues, contaminants, etc.
  • Sample planning and sampling for microbiological testing as part of an operational self-inspection system, e.g. food samples, samples for determining surface bacterial counts to inspect cleaning and disinfection work
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