A reliable test finding first requires professional sampling We are always on hand to provide reliable expert advice on all matters of sample planning and sampling.

Sampling water

We offer the complete range of water tests, covering chemical/physical and microbiological parameters, as well as various special tests, including planning and drawing of samples. Depending on whether the test object is drinking water, bathing pool water, waste water, hot water, or process water, we sit down with you to draft sampling plans with an eye to the required outcome, and then implement them for you. Due to the different ways in which water is used, there are various requirements which we would be pleased to discuss with you in a one-on-one conversation. Come and talk to us!

Sample type differ according to the test objective:

  • Single sample: A one-off sample (microbiological parameters),
  • Random sample: Randomly selected time and place; removal of 1 litre without prior flushing or similar (metals)
  • Phased stagnation sampling: Three samples at 4-hour intervals to determine the level of contamination
  • Composite sample: A sample that is continuously taken over a determined period of time, or a sample of multiple samples that were taken and mixed, either continuously or intermittently, over a determined period of time 
  • Qualified sample: A composite sample of at least five samples that were taken and mixed over a period of no more than two hours at a rate of no less than every two minutes.
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