Experts with all their senses

Does the new recipe change the product consistency? Or does the packaging emit odorous substances? The high level of expertise of our highly qualified test panel is available to you for these and other sensory questions.

Ask our sensor test panel

Our sensor panel has a level of expertise that is outstanding in the industry. Sensor technology is an independent analytical test method in which features such as the appearance, smell, consistency or texture of products are objectively tested and evaluated. This is done with the help of trained human sensory organs following scientific standards and relevant DIN standards.

We test a wide range of matrices for you according to the following topis:

  • Visual impression
  • Olfactory impression
  • Gustatory impression
  • Haptic and auditory impression

For sensory tests, we have our in-house sensory laboratory at our disposal, which provides a constant, interference-free test environment in accordance with the applicable requirements.

Please also read our "Product Flyer Sensory".

Test methods

  • Simple descriptive test (DIN 10964)
    • Sensory test method for describing characteristics or characteristic properties of one or more test samples. Applicable for product control or product comparison
  • Expert opinion for food law assessment (DIN 10975)
    • Procedure for product description and the resulting assessment of the marketability of food samples
  • General guide to the preparation of a sensory profile - consensus testing (DIN EN ISO13299)
    • Comprehensive procedure for the preparation of a sensory profile for test materials, such as food and beverages
  • Triangle test (DIN EN ISO 4120)
    • Procedure to determine whether there is a perceptible sensory difference or similarity between the samples of two test materials
  • Ranking test (DIN ISO 8587)
    • Procedure for the sensory evaluation of test samples that are placed in rank order
  • Nutri-Sore labeling
    • When recipes are changed to optimise nutritional physiology, we assist with the entire planning of the project as well as the sensory testing of the finished products

DLG experts

Our experts are DLG certified sensory experts for the following areas: Meat products (ham and sausage), Confectionery, Milk and sour milk products, Cheese and fresh cheese, Fine bakery products.


With sensory analyses, we accompany you in the introduction and further development of Nutri-Score labelling.


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