Experts with all their senses

Does the new recipe change the product consistency? Or does the packaging emit odorous substances? The high level of expertise of our highly qualified test panel is available to you for these and other sensory questions.

Ask our sensor test panel

Our sensor panel has a level of expertise that is outstanding in the industry. Sensor technology is an independent analytical test method in which features such as the appearance, smell, consistency or texture of products are objectively tested and evaluated. This is done with the help of trained human sensory organs. Our highly qualified specialists specialize in comprehensive sensory testing of all matrices.

We check and evaluate the following parameters for you:

  • Visual impression
  • Olfactory impression
  • Gustatory impression
  • Haptic and auditory impression

High scientific standards and the relevant DIN norms form the basis of our sensory tests. The tests are carried out in our sensory laboratory in accordance with the applicable requirements in a constant, interference-free test environment. Regular internal and external training courses as well as the use of reference materials ensure the high quality of our service and our test panel.

Test methods

We offer you the following test methods for solving your sensory questions, tailored to your test objective:

  • Basic descriptive inspection  (DIN 10964)
  • Descriptive inspection with subsequent quality assessment  (DIN 10975)
  • Consensus profile  (DIN 13299)
  • Triangle test (DIN EN ISO 4120)
  • Ranking test (DIN ISO 8587)

As part of the test or development of a Nutri-Score label for your products, we also offer you a sensory test of your finished products. This is especially recommended if you want to optimize the recipes of your products from a nutritional point of view. We support you in the entire planning of your project.

DLG expert

Our sensory team also includes experts certified by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) to carry out sensory inspections in the following areas:

  • Meat products (ham and sausage)
  • Confectionery
  • Milk and sour milk products
  • Cheese and cream cheese
  • Pastries

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