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Tomorrow's products and processes design begins with the networking of today's diversity of scientific findings.

Holistic solutions for complex challenges - the Silliker® Food Science Center

Our Silliker® Food Science Center team develops new solutions in close cooperation with all departments of the institute. We are experts in product development, process development and crisis management. To solve complex problems of our customers, we rely on a holistic approach. From the actual state of the input variables to the entire process and production sequences and consideration of the boundary conditions, we collect data. With the inclusion of scientific research, these are analyzed and innovative solutions are developed. A variety of analytical methods, state-of-the-art instrumentation and the extensive knowledge pool of our national and international competence centers are at our disposal.

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  • Process validation
    • Validation surface disinfection
    • Validation of allergen cleaning
    • Validation of internal facilities, HACCP analyses
  • Complaints/Food fraud
    • Complaint analysis
    • Foreign matter analysis
    • Food fraud analysis
  • Product development
    • Shelf life studies
    • Clarification of sensory defects (wrong smell, wrong appearance, wrong taste)
    • Analysis of undesirable effects in production
  • Packaging Analytics
    • Compliance of food contact materials
    • Risk assessment

Fields of application

Food, food commodities such as packaging, water, animal feed, pharmaceutical products

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