Focus on analysis

Do you need to know what is inside your products? We can tell you. We’re always happy to provide you with a quotation for your specific analytical problem.

Microbiological services

The microbiological status of foodstuffs and other product groups is a key parameter for their safety and quality assessment. Using classic cultivation methods and microscopy, we can solve your analytical problem in this area. In order to verify specific test parameters more efficiently, especially those of pathogenic germs, we use cutting-edge molecular biological methods such as real-time PCR. We would be happy to send you a tailored quote to solve your specific problem.

Emphasis on

  • Determination of microbiological status of foodstuffs, water and utensils
  • Shelf life tests (MHD/expiry date)
  • Sterility testing
  • Bacteria identification
  • Sampling and testing of drinking water pursuant to the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Sampling and testing of process water pursuant to the 42nd German Solvent Ordinance
  • Testing of cleaning and disinfection status of equipment and surfaces, e.g. in food production, hotels, large kitchens, catering services, nurseries, hospitals
  • Process Validation

Detailed information on our services can be found in our list of services.

The following list shows an extract from our range of methods used to perform verification procedures.


  • Presence/Absence


  • Contact slide method
  • Contact plate method


  • Spatula plate method
  • Spiral plate method
  • Drip plate method
  • Pour plate method
  • Diaphragm filtration
  • Airborne germ determination

Verification reactions

  • Real-time PCR (singleplex/multiplex)
  • Classic biochemical and serological verification reactions
  • Microscopy
  • Serotyping
  • VITEK 2 compact
  • MALDI-TOF (cooperation partner)
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