A systematic approach for more product safety

With our systematic approach, we ensure the greatest possible safety for your products. From legal advice and the interpretation of results in the context of your processes to the identification of optimisation needs, we are the holistic partner in microbiological issues.

Whether it is analysis of individual samples, process validations, control plans or shelf-life studies...

The microbiological status of food and other product groups is an essential parameter for their safety and quality assessment. We offer customised analysis of your raw materials, food, animal feed, drinking and process water and packaging. Let us advise you and put together your individual complete package. Of course, we are also your reliable partner if you already know your analysis package.

For the time-efficient screening of your urgent samples, we offer you not only the classic microbiological methods but also modern PCR detection methods, especially in the area of pathogens such as salmonella and listeria. With our methods, you will receive your results within 24 hours.

In close cooperation with our Food Science Centre, we carry out shelf life studies and process validations or establish efficient control plans for your products. This way, together we can offer the greatest possible safety. We also support you in the conception, optimisation and review of your hygiene design.

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Matrices & Services

  • Food and pet feed
    • Screening for pathogenic germs by means of PCR (24h analysis)
    • Determination of the microbiological status
    • Shelf life tests: Storage and challenge tests
    • Process validation: The systematic approach to process safety
  • Water
    • Sampling and testing of drinking water in accordance with the German Trinkwasserverordnung
    • Sampling and analysis of process water according to 42. BImSchV
    • Quantification of legionella by means of qPCR (24h analysis)
  • Consumer goods
    • Determination of surface colony count e.g. packaging material
  • Hygiene management
    • Inspection of the cleaning and hygienic condition of equipment and surfaces, e.g. in food companies, hotels, large kitchens, catering companies, day-care centres, hospitals
    • Inspections and qualified sampling
  • Safety in the production environment
    • Cleaning validation
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Determination of the airborne colony count
  • Expert-Services
    • Planning, implementation and evaluation of process validations
    • Design, implementation and evaluation of shelf life studies
    • Design and optimisation of sampling plans
    • Fast support in (pathogenic) crisis situations

Service packages

  • Analytics: Pathogens, spoilage microorganisms, classical microbiology, PCR technology
  • Systematic Concepts: Process validation, shelf life studies, hygiene concepts
  • Control plans: Consultation, crisis management, microbiological problems in production

Webinars of our Experts

Working Groups

  • Working group §64 LFGB 
    • Mineral Water - Microbiology


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