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From water analysis and assessment to process management, sampling and site inspection, take advantage of our comprehensive range of services.

Water: purity, health and environmental protection

Water is considered the most important foodstuff in the form of drinking water, and is used in industry as production water or cooling water. Depending on the type of water, different requirements are placed on the quality of the water.

As an accredited testing laboratory, we closely follow the development of legal guidelines, such as the EU Drinking Water Directive, the Drinking Water Ordinance, as well as the elaborations of the VDI and DVGW, and can thus react to new requirements at short notice and adapt your testing programs, as well as intervals.

You can also find an overview of our services in our themed flyer “Water Analysis".

Service packages

  • Drinking water and well water
    • Analysis of all parameters listed in the Drinking Water Ordinance Annexes 1 to 3, this includes microbiological, physical as well as chemical parameters. Analysed will be cold and warm drinking water, well water,  flake ice
  • Pool water
    • Testing of the bathing pool water according to DIN 19643. This includes microbiological, chemical and physical analysis of the samples.
  • Industrial water
    • Examination of the service water according to VDI 2047- 2 as well as 42. BImSchV to avoid uncontrolled immission of aerosols containing legionella
  • Waste water
    • Verification of compliance with chemical and physical requirements of water regulatory permits.Analysed will be waste water  from evaporative cooling plants, wastewater from dry cleaners/printers, industrial waste water
  • Sampling, site inspection
    • Random sample
    • Random sampling
    • Staggered stagnation sampling
    • Mixed sample
    • Qualified sample

Fields of application

Drinking water (well water, mineral and table water), pool water (swimming pools, whirlpools, plunge pools, filtrate and filling water), waste water, industrial/service water (industrial application, cooling water).

Working Groups

  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)
    • Water Chemists´ Society
  • Working group §64 LFGB
    • Mineral Water - Microbiology
  • Association for Water, Ground and Air Hygiene (WaBoLu)
  • German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water e.V. (DVGW)
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