Knowing what’s inside...
Know, what´s in it, using our know-how ...

Knowing what’s inside...

The basis for quality assurance and risk assessment is knowing what is in the product. As an independent service provider with a highly qualified team of more than 150, we perform chemical, physical, molecular biological, microbiological, microscopic, and sensory studies of foodstuffs, animal feed, water, utensils, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. As an accredited institute with high-tech apparatus, we provide qualified analyses together with expert evaluation and assessment of results.

From sampling to expert reports – all from one source.

We are your point of contact for matters of product quality, product development, product specifications and product safety. Our highly qualified, well-trained team of food chemists, food technologists, vets, biologists, microbiologists, ecotropholigists, engineers, and specialists in instrumental analysis, offers professional expertise and personal advice to find flexible solutions to your problems. Our expertise also covers sensory quality inspections.

Neutrality and objectivity

Maintaining impartiality and integrity is a top priority for Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH. Commercial, financial, or other considerations have no influence on the results of our tests and inspections.

Latest Institute news

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Social projects

The Institut Kirchhoff GmbH is involved in numerous social projects such as KINDERHILFE – Hilfe für krebs –und schwerkranke Kinder e.V., and SOS Kinderdorf (Children’s Village) Berlin. Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH has made regular donations of food over the years to Berliner Tafel to take a  stand against poverty and food waste.

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List of services

We have many years’ of extensive experience of analysing food, drinking water, utensils, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and animal feed. Our high-tech laboratory apparatus provides for a wide range of chemical, physical, microbiological, molecular biological, microscopic and sensory procedures, for which we are not only accredited but in some cases also officially certified. These analyses are carried out according to official test methods (ASU, DIN, SLMB, AOAC, DGF, IOCCC, IFU, VDLUFA, European Pharmacopoeia, etc.). There are no official methods, so we work according to established, validated, (in-house) laboratory methods. You can find an overview of the laboratory analyses and services we offer in our downloadable list of services.

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