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QS laboratory competence (pesticides) test passed with flying colours again!

Just as in previous years, the Institut Kirchhoff’s participation in the annual QS laboratory competence test for monitoring residues in fruit,...

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National mineral oil ordinance

A new draft of the ‘Mineral Oil Directive’ has recently been published.

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Visit from state senator Dilek Kolat

When Dilek Kolat, Berlin state senator for Work, Women and Integration visited the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH, two things topped the agenda. One...

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Summary of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids status seminar

Summary of the status seminar: ‘Tea and honey – old foods with new challenges; pyrrolizidine alkaloids between scandalisation and trivialisation’.

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Determining CMS using PCR

The cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) occurs naturally in Japanese radish or sunflowers. The Institut Kirchhoff Berlin has developed a sensitive method...

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Dr Erhard Kirchhoff is awarded the 2013 Adold Juckenack Medal

On the occasion of the 42nd German Food Chemists’ Day in Braunschweig, 17 September 2013, Dr Erhard Kirchhoff was distinguished with the Adolf...

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Determining pyrrolizidine alkaloids in plant-based foodstuffs using LC-MS/MS

During the analysis of over 200 commercially available samples of tea and herbal teas, some were found to contain high total content of pyrrolozidine...

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Determining mineral oil hydrocarbons in foodstuffs and packaging using LC-GC-FID

The Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH analysed 3,500 samples, of which 400 were samples of packaging material, in respect of mineral oil hydrocarbon...

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Determining perchlorate using LC-MS/MS

For more than two months now, the determination of perchlorate in fresh fruit and vegetables using LC-MS/MS has been one of the services offered by...

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Detecting horsemeat using real-time PCR

Detecting horsemeat using real-time PCR is well established in the range of services offered by the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH. The...

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