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New website online

The Institut Kirchhoff GmbH now has a new website. The structure of our old website was subjected to a thorough check, and significantly streamlined and simplified, without having to lose any content. At the same time, some new features were added, such as the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter and an interactive location map.

New website online

The Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH demonstrates a high level of professional competence when supporting its clients. But also its own website provides a vast array of information on a wide variety of topics, such as in the areas of product quality and analysis. Due to continuous updating of the website, an enormous pool of information accumulated, which after a time required structurally reworking. And the institute’s visual presence no longer corresponded with its own self-image.

We needed a fresh new design, which as well as emphasising the institute’s professional competence, should also quickly lead website visitors to the information they are looking for. Eva Strempel was tasked with the relaunch of the website, and immediately set to work. After an initial inspection of the content to be presented, the basic structure of the website was completely reworked and reconfigured. On the basis of this, Eva presented a visual design, which with only a few tiny amendments was confirmed as the new website design.

There then followed the text editing stage and transfer of content into the new website. Some things were taken directly from the old site, but some of the content was improved along the way. In order to improve the visual presentation, lots of additional images were added to the site. Eva then completed the new site by adding the new functions, such as the newsletter registration system and interactive location map.

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of our website, and would like to thank all staff who were involved in reworking its content. An especial thank you to Eva Strempel, who carried out her work with great skill and who always dealt with our questions and queries professionally.

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