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New site ‘Carrée Seestraße’

The Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH has now completely moved into its new site in the Berlin district of Wedding. The former ‘Osramhöfe’, now ‘Carrée Seestraße’, is now the home to 130 employees. All departments were relocated to the new site step by step, without interrupting ongoing operations.

New site ‘Carrée Seestraße’

The new premises were prepared with joy and lots of dedication. The infrastructure of the Charité hospital, the previous occupant, was put to good use in the lab section. Over a period of a year, electricians, air conditioning technicians, ventilation experts, lab fitters, carpenters and decorators all prepared the premises for us.

Step by step, and keeping downtime to a minimum, the individual departments established themselves at the new site. New instrument technology was acquired, set up at the new site and qualified, so that it was possible for departments to move step by step, at the weekends. Analysis of samples continued without interruption throughout this time.

The German Accreditation Agency (DAkkS) surveyed the site in March and June 2015, and confirmed to us that our work is also quality assured at the new premises. The current certificate can be found under Download. We have also successfully acquired approval from the building authorities, environmental agency, fire prevention office, health authority, the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo), as well as the State Office for Occupational Safety and Health (LAGetSi).

It has been an exciting year for us all, and we are all delighted that we accomplished everything so successfully. We look forward to working in our new premises, and will continue to carry out our work there in the accustomed quality!

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