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QS laboratory competence (pesticides) test passed with flying colours yet again!

Just as in previous years, the Institut Kirchhoff’s participation in the annual QS laboratory competence test for monitoring residues in fruit, vegetables and potatoes proved to be extremely successful.

QS laboratory competence (pesticides) test passed with flying colours yet again!

Since 2006, the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin has been taking part in the demanding laboratory competence tests organised by the QS Fachgesellschaft Obst-Gemüse-Kartoffeln GmbH (QS Expert Association for Fruit, Vegetables and Potatoes). Also on this 14th occasion we participated, we achieved excellent results. According to the strict conditions for passing the text, all seven substances had to be correctly identified, and at least five of them had to be quantified in a recovery range of 70% to 120%. The Institut Kirchhoff correctly quantified all seven substances, meaning that for the umpteenth time, it was able to defend its maximum total score of 10 points.

This time, the particular challenges of this competence test were the substance chlorthalonil and biocide DEET, as well as BYI08330-ketohydroxy, the metabolite of spirotetramat, where the actual substance (spirotetramat) was not present.

The result of this competence test confirmed that we fulfil our high quality standards, which are based on our highly qualified team of workers working together on an interdisciplinary basis, as well as an extensive array of state of the art equipment and a large degree of technical knowhow.

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