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QS laboratory competence (pesticides) test passed with flying colours again!

Just as in previous years, the Institut Kirchhoff’s participation in the annual QS laboratory competence test for monitoring residues in fruit, vegetables and potatoes proved to be extremely successful.

QS laboratory competence (pesticides) test passed with flying colours again!

According to Mr Schäfer, who at QS is responsible for implementing the competence tests, the range of substances to be inspected was deliberately expanded to include new substances. “This was to ensure that the residue analyses in the QS system meet the very highest quality requirements. For example, analysis results for residues of chlorantraniliprole and novaluron showed that the labs have room for improvement in this regard. The Institut Kirchhoff’s range of analysed materials is always being expanded to take in current pesticides. The newer substances that cropped up for analysis in this competence test, chlorantraniliprol and novaluron, have been part of the institute’s range of tested substances for a long time, and were correctly identified and quantified.

According to the strict conditions for passing the text, all seven substances had to be correctly identified, and at least five of them had to be quantified in a recovery range of 70% to 120%.

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