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Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the most important components of the human diet. In Germany, the labelling of these ingredients has been subject to the Foodstuffs Information Ordinance (LMIV), which came into force in December 2011. Most of its stipulations became compulsory on 13 December 2014. A new stipulation relates to how the nutritional table is displayed and what it contains. The table must contain information on energy content and the amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugar, protein and salt (the ‘big 7’). From 13 December 2016, this table of nutritional values is compulsory for all packaged foods.

As well as the wet chemical analysis procedures, the Institut Kirchhoff GmbH also offers a procedure for determining the raw protein, water, fat, ash and meat protein content without connective tissue in sausage, meat and fish products. This process uses NIR in accordance with the ASU L 08.00-60 (2014). Thanks to many years’ development and optimisation work with NIR methods, and due to our involvement in section 64 of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB AG NIR), our team has been able to build up the expertise with which to advise you on questions of NIR analysis, as well as being able to carry out analyses and calibrations.

The Institut Kirchhoff offers the following parameters for monitoring nutritional labelling and assessing the quality/age of ingredients and foodstuffs:

Monosaccharides and disaccharides Raw proteinTotal fat, milk fat
Sugar spectrumsMilk proteinDistribution of fatty acids
Glucose syrupDistribution of amino acidsSaturated fatty acids
PolysaccharidesFree amino acidsUnsaturated fatty acids
InulinProteinogenic amino acidsOmega 3 fatty acids
Galactooligosaccarides HydroxiprolineTrans fatty acids
FibreTVBN Triglycerides, diglycerides
Crude fibreNPN (non-protein nitrogen) Cholesterine
Sterol distribution, phytosterines
Polymers, triglycerides
Peroxide value, acid value, anisidine value
K value

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