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Would you like to learn more about the composition, quality and marketability of your food products? As an accredited service lab, we would be pleased to assist you with our highly qualified and experienced experts, state of the art lab equipment and comprehensive range of analyses. We examine vegetable and animal-based foodstuffs, from raw materials to end product. Physical, chemical, molecular biological and microbiological analyses – all from one source!

Pet food

One of the basic objectives of food regulations is to provide a high degree of protection to the health of humans and animals. Therefore, as well as foodstuff analyses, we also offer analysis of straight and compound animal feed for animals not used in food production (domestic pets). Regulation (EC) 767/2009 provides the foundations on how animal feed is put into circulation and used.

In the course of a marketability check, as well as an assessment of the labelling and a sensory inspection, we also offer inspection and assessment of the analytic components and additives, such as for example minerals, vitamins, colourants and preservatives. Furthermore, we also assess the contaminants that can be found in pet foods, such as heavy metals, mycotoxins or pesticides, and carry out a microbiological examination of the pet food.


When inspecting and evaluating utensils that come into contact with food, the most important thing to consider is the transfer (migration) of ingredients or contaminants into the food. To carry out chemical analytical inspections, particularly relating to this transfer of ingredients, we carry out migration tests and barrier tests , as well as determining the mineral oil content in foodstuffs, paper and cardboard. We also offer microbiological and sensory inspections of food utensils.


We offer the complete range of tests on drinking water, covering the chemical/physical and microbiological parameters, as well as various special tests. The complete spectrum of water analyses according to DIN 19643, as well as sampling, is similarly offered by the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH. What’s more, we also offer a comprehensive range of analyses when it comes to waste water analysis. This includes sampling (random samples, composite samples and qualified random samples). We also carry out expert checks to ensure that requirements for feeding the waste water are also met.

Pharmaceutical products

Take advantage of our many years’ analytical experience and innovative instruments and equipment to assist your quality control. We offer analytical and microbiological analyses of both pharmaceutical raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products. In doing so, we use the technologies of chromatography, spectroscopy and elemental analysis. We also examine in-process controls and packaging materials.

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