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The constantly growing number of pets in German households, and therefore the expanding market for pet food, generally demands strengthened quality control of animal feed. This is the only way to ensure that animal food is safe, and that consumers’ trust in its quality is guaranteed. Animal food can be produced as straight or compound feed, and is intended as complete or supplementary food. Regulation (EC) 767/2009 sets out the conditions for bringing into circulation and using animal feed on a European level. This offers a high degree of protection to the animal’s health, as well as providing the necessary information for the consumer.

In the framework of our qualified and accredited service, we offer the inspection and analysis of pet food, with a focus on:

  • Assessment of labelling, packaging and presentation
  • Assessment of analytical results relating to permitted tolerances for analytic ingredients and stated additives, as well as adherence to stipulated maximum content and an assessment on the basis of the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Association)’s Nourishment Directive on Complete Food for Dogs and Cats
  • Sensory inspection of the pet food with respect to appearance and odour
  • Gravimetric and titrimetric determination of the analytical constituents moisture, crude ash, raw protein, crude fibre and crude fat, in accordance with the analysis methods set out in EC 152/2009
  • Chromatographic and spectrometric methods of analysing further analytic constituents and additives, such as for example minerals, vitamins and taurine
  • Spectrometric and chromatographic testing for contaminants such as for example heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticides
  • Molecular biological determination of animal species used in animal feed
  • Microbiological analyses, eg total bacteria count, enterobacteriaceae and salmonellae

In cooperation with other experts, we can also offer you the analysis of pet food from a nutritional/physiological view. This analysis is made on the basis of data from comprehensive analytical examinations of various basic parameters, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, in partnership with specialists, we carry out pet food acceptance tests. We would be pleased to assist you in all questions where our experience in analysing and assessing pet foods would be of use to you. Our R&D department, with its extensive range of equipment and specialist knowhow, would be pleased to help.

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