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Evaporation coolers

Evaporation coolers are used to feed heat from technical processes, for example, into their surroundings. In open-circuit wet cooling systems, the cooling water comes into direct contact with the air. In systems in which water is fed into an air flow to cool it, there is a tendency for aerosol formation. Droplets can be carried out of the exhaust air and end up in the environment. Due to the favourable multiplication conditions for microorganisms in water and on the system’s surface, these droplets can contain bacteria, including legionella, algae, mould and protozoa. Legionella in particular represent a danger to health if they are breathed into the lungs. The microbiological condition of the water is therefore decisive for the safe operation of these types of system. To ensure the hygienic operation of evaporation coolers, we offer: 

Regular microbiological and chemical/physical inspections of the following parameters, for example:

• Colony count• Total hardness• Calcium• Copper• Chloride
• Legionella• pH value• Chrome• Nickel• Sulphate
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa• Electrical conductivity• Iron• Zinc• Nitrate

Hazard assessments with risk analysis and risk assessment, including microbiological and chemical/physical inspections. Creation of an operation manual containing the evaporation cooler’s technical details, cleaning and servicing intervals, monitoring of water quality (14-day control), assessment of the installation location with regard to possible exposure.

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