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Zur unabhängigen Prüfung unserer Leistungsfähigkeit nehmen wir regelmäßig an nationalen und internationalen Eignungsprüfungssystemen (QS, FAPAS, LVU) teil. Seit 2006 sind wir ein QS-zertifiziertes Labor.

Internal audits (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025)

Individual sections of the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH are subjected to internal audits by the quality assurance team. These occur on the basis of our annual audit plans.

Witness audits (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020)

All staff in the inspection centre are assessed individually in the form of an inspection. Members of the client management and project management team are inspected and assessed with regard to order verification, creation of quotes and assessment of the analysis results, including documentation. Members of the client management and hygiene management team are assessed as they carry out a hygiene inspection on site. Their inspection report is then assessed. Staff who are qualified to undertake sensory inspections are also subject to a witness inspection as they carry out these duties.

External audits

As part of our accreditation and approval, the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH is subjected to regular inspections by independent experts. During these, the anonymity of other clients is preserved and confidentiality is thus guaranteed. Suggestions and requirements are implemented, provided they are compatible with the quality management system.

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