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Whether conformity or labeling tests, hygiene or allergen management, with our expertise we will help you competently.

Our customer service, your inspection point

As a type A inspection centre, Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH fulfils requests for independent testing of products, processes, and services in the areas of food, water, and pet food Our service also includes site inspections, such as in retail and wholesale, in community catering, and other production facilities. Inspections can also be conducted in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and utensil sectors.

An inspection report, taking into consideration the applicable legal position, legal standards, and any relevant industry publications, is prepared. Any necessary analysis data is supplied by our test laboratory. The inspection report includes an evaluation of legal compliance. As an independent point of contact, we are always happy to advise on any legal issues you may have regarding labelling and product safety.


On the basis of a professional examination of our product knowledge, our client and project management department has been accredited as an inspection centre according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 for performing expert food, pet food and drinking water inspections. As well as maintenance of quality standards, this also means that the inspection centre’s staff undertake their advisory duties without having any influence on their independent, expert judgement, that is to say, no inspections of samples are carried out if the independent decision made in the assessment has been influenced by prior advice.

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