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The Institut Kirchhoff GmbH is involved in numerous social projects. For example, we support children with cancer and supply computers to a school in Limbe, Cameroon.

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Prof Dr Wolf-Rüdiger Stenzel supports the institute in his role as scientific adviser.

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High quality standards

As a service provider working in the field of sensory, physical, physical/chemical, chemical, microbiological and molecular biological inspection of foodstuffs, animal feed, cosmetics, food utensils, mineral and bottled water, the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH demonstrates an outstanding level of specialist expert competence. The high quality standards achieved at the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin are a result of having a highly qualified team of workers who cooperate across all disciplines, an extensive array of state of the art equipment and a large degree of technical knowhow.

The basis of cooperation

We are distinguished by our boldness to innovate, flexibility, and capable and custom solutions to problems, as well as management who look to the future. This ensures that the constantly high quality of our services offers our clients effective benefits, and leads to trusting cooperation and partnerships with our clients.

Neutrality and objectivity

In order to guarantee impartiality and integrity, the Institut Kirchhoff Berlin GmbH is not exposed to commercial, financial or any other influences which could compromise our technical judgements. Neither can external people or organisations influence the results of our investigations. The institute is not involved in practices that could reduce trust in the independence of its inspection activities. Inspections according to procedures that reduce the objectivity of the result are not carried out. Renumeration of personnel is based neither on the number of inspections carried out, nor their results.

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