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In order to always be abreast of the latest scientific developments, the Institut Kirchhoff or individual staff members are involved in important specialist organisations.

  • BfR, BGG, BLL, BVL, DGE, DGF, DIN, EUROLAB-D, GDCh, GDL, WaBoLu, Society for Microtoxin Research
  • DAkkS sector committee ‘Healthier consumer protection, agricultural sector, chemicals and the environment’
  • GDCh (Society of German Chemists) expert group ‘Professional chemists and owners of independent laboratories’
  • Active membership of the GDCh’s expert group ‘Water Chemists’ Society’
  • Membership of the GDCh’s expert group ‘Food Chemists’ Society’ (LChG)
  • Active membership in the LChG’s working groups: ‘Quality management’, ‘Foodstuff laboratories’, ‘Animal feed’, ‘Meat products’, ‘Pesticides’, ‘Biochemical and molecular biological analysis’, ‘Utensils’ and ‘Elements and elemental species’
  • Active membership in the DIN working groups: ‘Vitamins and carotenoids’ and ‘Fats and fat-soluble substances’, as well as ‘Nitrates’, ‘Plastic utensils in contact with foodstuffs – Examining the migration from plastics’ and ‘Process contaminants’ (since 2014)
  • German Society of Fats Science (DGF)
  • Working group of experts working in food hygiene and food deriving from animals (ALTS)
  • German Association for Food Law and Food Science (BLL)
  • Society for Mycotoxical Research
  • Association for Water, Ground and Air Hygiene
  • German Society for Nutrition (DGE)
  • German Association of Food Technologists (GDL)
  • Federal Association of Natural Food and Natural Products (BNN)
  • German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)
  • German Fruit Traders’ Association (DHFV)
  • Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (BAH)

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