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There will be changes in our test reports and expert opinions between now and 01.01.2022. In accordance with a resolution of the Sector Committee of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) on the modification of standard methods, we will make adjustments in the designation (method code) of our methods.
The resolution reads: "The application of standardized test methods or test methods equivalent to them to a matrix clearly different from the one defined in the scope of the test method shall be presented as a house method". In addition to the matrix, a stricter overall approach is being taken to modifying standard methods and considering the degree to which a norm may continue to be labeled as one.

For this reason, we will change some methods that were previously indicated as modified standard methods to house methods. This is exclusively a change in the method designation. No methodological changes have been made. The analysis will continue to be performed according to the same validated methods. The methods continue to be within our accreditation range.

For better transparency, we will also indicate the reason for the modification of standard methods in the reports starting 01.01.2022, if we apply a norm with a modification, as well as the indication of the month in the version of the method.

Should you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact your respective customer and project manager(s).

With kind regards
Yours the customer and project management team